Your meeting point in Palma

Welcome to La Parada! We are a restaurant & café where passion for food and taste for design unite to offer a unique concept in Palma.

We have decided to become your meeting point, your break venue to have breakfast, lunch and dinner. And how do we do it? By offering an unforgettable experience to every one who comes visit. Located in the very heart of Palma, just a couple steps away from the train station and in front of Plaza España, at La Parada we bet on simple but tasteful dishes. It really comes down to this: starting at 8 am and until 1 am we don’t stop.

For breakfast you will discover varied sweet and salty options, in addition to gourmet sandwiches, hot chocolate and (of course) the best coffee in town.

For lunch we bet on our authentic and wild side and offer you an attractive menu containing tapas, pizzas, salads, hamburgers and more.

And for dinner we add a special touch with live music and spectacular cocktails and wines to pair your dishes with.


This is our chef

Our mastermind is Nacho. Nacho Amores García brings his talent, passion and knowledge to La Parada. After working at Streetxo in Madrid, he landed in Mallorca, where he had the opportunity to cook along chefs like Santi Taura, Marga Coll and Víctor García.

If there is a word that defines Nacho perfectly it’s UNSTOPPABLE. Constantly innovating, he was the clear choice to lead a complex but simple kitchen like the one in La Parada. Always looking after every detail and looking for new ways to serve and combine dishes, Nacho is the man behind the reinvention of classical dishes that you will be able to enjoy like never before at La Parada.

But just like every good captain, Nacho has an excellent team. Our sous chef, José Bermúdez de Castro, has a lot to offer you. After studying and gaining experience in the North of Spain and visiting California, he worked at Streetxo, where he met Nacho. Thanks to this encounter they have become the dream-team of the modern Majorcan gastronomy.


Come discover La Parada Palma!

Nacho Amores García


The best way to start your day

The day at #LaParada starts very early. At 08.00h we say good morning and welcome you to start your day with the best coffee in Palma, some toasts or one of our delicious pastries from the bakeshop. If you like to start the day big time you can also have natural juice, sandwiches, warm dishes, fruits and sweet pastries all together.



At La Parada Palma you’ll find something for every taste. Like authentic Spanish #foodies we have a whole section of the menu for eggs: ‘rotos’ with ‘secreto ibérico, ‘rotos’ with foie, as a potato tortilla and sausage are just some of the options you’ll find. We cannot forget our beloved fried options where you will find squid with two sauces, Majorcan prawn croquettes and many others. Would you rather go for a dish that conquers every guest? Don’t hesitate and try one of our 100% homemade pizzas or burgers.  For adventurous minds there are our suckling pig tacos, glazed chicken wings or bacon bao, among others. And, of course, delicious and fresh salads like our ‘super food salad’, ‘crunchy chicken salad’ or our ‘picantón that wanted to be chicken’.

That is what our kitchen is like: colours and flavours for every taste inviting you to come back over and over again.



Who doesn’t like to enjoy  a nice vermouth in the afternoon? Well, here at La Parada we are very fond of vermouths that come with long conversations and tons of laughter. That is why we decided to include a ‘vermouth-venue’ in our restaurant concept. Our vermouth venue has two basics: vermouth and other drinks that everyone likes and a nice section of the menu to pair the drinks with. A little bit of cheese, homemade ‘gildas’ and anchovies are what you will find among many others on the ‘vermouth’ section of our menu. Sit with us at the bar, get comfy on a table, enjoy the open air at the terrace and let’s enjoy vermouth at La Parada!



Cocktails at La Parada aren’t like anywhere else. Even though you will find a classical gin & tonic and vermouth, we are looking to create a revolution on the Majorcan cocktail scene with a new concept. Our proposal is top air your dinner with our cocktails. These are thought and meant to be shared over lunch or dinner. That is why they have the exact amount of alcohol and perfect flavour to become the best partner for your meal.

We would like to invite you to discover this new way of enjoying cocktails. Let our experts guide you and enjoy the #LaParadadinners!



At La Parada we have a different kind of proposal: our Xperience menu. This is the plan: you come with your friends, dinner or family to visit La Parada in Palma and you sit at the bar at our restaurant. From the bar you have direct Access to every step our chef and his team take to create your dishes. You don’t know exactly what they will cook, but there are you are to witness it and learn how to do it yourself. Nacho and his team will amaze you with five dishes that will make you enjoy a unique experience. Important! Our maximum capacity to enjoy the Xperience menu is 10 to 12 people; so if you’re coming in a large group, let us know! Xperience menu is served from Monday to Thursday at night with a 24h previous reservation. With two glasses of wine for the perfect pairing, our Xperience menu will amaze your 5 senses. Price per person: 35€.